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Do you really need to buy a scanner?

Google DriveIf you work in an office where many document are daily processed you will appreciate one quick tip about using Google Drive as a on-the-go scanner. As you certainly know you can set Google Drive to always convert documents into Google Formats when you upload a new one. You can also decide to automate the process and Google will automatically convert the files without asking you again about it but, for my experience, it’s more more flexible and useful to define the conversion parameters every time I decide to upload a new document. For this reason I ticked the “Confirm settings before each upload” option in the upload menu.

One, not so known, feature is represented by the internal Google OCR that is able to read text also contained in jpg files. This means that you can simply take a picture of the text you want to modify and Google will convert it into a text file in few secs. During some test we made, a medium quality photograph is more than sufficient to have good results with Google OCR.

To activate this feature don’t forget to put a tick on the “Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents” option and to specify the document language when you upload the jpg files into your Google Drive.  AddThis

Save Gmail attachments directly into your Google Drive

 The idea is simple but genial: how about saving your Gmail attached files directly into Google Drive without wasting time and doing it manually? Not a bad idea but till now it was not easy to realize.

 Today Armit Agarwal did it and explained how to do that!

Moreover, automatically adding a simple label to your incoming emails (e.g. labeling all the email from a predefined account or all the emails containing a particular word in the text) you can be sure that Agarwal script will save a copy of the attachments directly into your Google Drive.

But I don’t want to simply copy Agarwal ideas and tips about this new feature because you can directly visit his website and download the script he created.

Here I also like to focus your attention on the potential features offered by the App Script language by Google. In fact, Agarwal demonstrates how simply could be this Script language and how it can be used to add personalized and useful features to Google services (in this case: Gmail).

Try it and if you want to share new Google App Scripts don’t hesitate to add a comment or send an email to this blog.  AddThis