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11 Gmail features that will help you organize your email by https://ift.tt/2mRP5xj

“Smart Reply, Nudge, Boomerang and other shortcuts that will tidy up your inbox. Gmail has come a long way since it rolled out in 2004 as a by-invitation-only free email service. As of October 2018, Gmail was reported to have more than 1.”

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WordPress.com now lets you write and collaborate in Google Docs by Romain Dillet (@romaindillet) via null


Image by techcrunch.com

First Impressions by me:

The first edition of this add-on is really basic but it works smoothly and I am sure that in the near future new features will be added and in few months we all use it very often. Not only to just write a simple “link” post as this one.

For example, I would like to have more features related to image managing, the possibility to insert Tags directly from Docs and other useful commands that I usually use (post format, excerpt, etc…). But… I know… it’s just the first version of the add-on…. And it is really better than the email publishing that I used till few months ago.

Gmail advanced searching: how to create a powerful query to catch a “wanted” email – Computer forensic

Gmail QueriesIf you want to improve your Google searches you can find many useful queries on internet and, if have time, you can also attend a specific Google free course.

But just few people know that there are specific queries available for Gmail.

I found some of them casually when I need to search some specific, old emails into my accounts some days ago. Then I discovered that Google itself published a complete list of all the possible queries accepted by Gmail.

I warmly suggest you to spend some minutes reading and exploring all the queries because they are really useful when you use Gmail in a professional way.

Here, I just want to sum-up some of them that, in my experience, are the most common you can use when you are becoming crazy looking for a specific email you sent or received.

The powerful feature is represented by the possibility to mix the different queries to create super-queries that can intercept the “wanted” email or documents in a less than a second.


after:2010/10/24 before:2011/09/24

Here you are defining the time range and Gmail will show all the emails sent or received between the two specified dates.

From or To

from xyz@zyw.com

Where xyz @zyw.com is the email address you are focusing on.

from:tom OR from:Luis
from:tom OR from:Luis -meeting

In this case you are looking for an email from Tom or (plus) Luis but it hasn’t to contain (- minus) the word “meeting”.

Bcc or CC


Where xyz @zyw are specific email addresses you are looking for.


filename:(jpg OR jpeg OR png)
filename:(doc OR docx OR pdf)
filename:invitation(doc OR docx OR pdf)







And you check into a specific folder. In my case: the Spam folder

Larger or Smaller


Some complex query examples:

from:xyz@zyw.com filename:(jpg OR jpeg OR png)

to:xyz@zyw.com filename:(doc OR docx OR pdf)

from:xyz@zyw.com filename:invitationfrom xyz@zyw.com to:xyz@zyw.com filename:(doc OR docx OR pdf) subject:meeting

after:2011/10/24 before:2011/11/24 in:spam subject:meeting


Save Gmail attachments directly into your Google Drive

 The idea is simple but genial: how about saving your Gmail attached files directly into Google Drive without wasting time and doing it manually? Not a bad idea but till now it was not easy to realize.

 Today Armit Agarwal did it and explained how to do that!

Moreover, automatically adding a simple label to your incoming emails (e.g. labeling all the email from a predefined account or all the emails containing a particular word in the text) you can be sure that Agarwal script will save a copy of the attachments directly into your Google Drive.

But I don’t want to simply copy Agarwal ideas and tips about this new feature because you can directly visit his website and download the script he created.

Here I also like to focus your attention on the potential features offered by the App Script language by Google. In fact, Agarwal demonstrates how simply could be this Script language and how it can be used to add personalized and useful features to Google services (in this case: Gmail).

Try it and if you want to share new Google App Scripts don’t hesitate to add a comment or send an email to this blog.  AddThis

Gmail Plasmoid – Kubuntu 11.04 by gotbletu