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Pingdom Tools: a couple of “must have” online tools for blogger and webmasters!

Pingdom ToolsToday, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a recension about Pindom Tools: two useful (and free) on-line tools which can be very useful for blogger and webmaster. Using Pingdom Tools you can have a fast report about the loading time of your web-pages. The Pingdom report is very easy to understand, with just one glance you are able to better understand the hierarchy and the load order of the graphic objects in your blog/site. Using Pingdom tools you can dramatically improve the time for loading your site and change all the objects, scripts, images or plugins which slow your sites. Last but not least, Pingdom offers an accurate ping and trouceroute service to better understand your network response time and track down possible errors. AddThis mp3 link