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Google’s Selfish Ledger Is An Unsettling Vision Of Social Engineering by https://ift.tt/2GKGGQQ

Google’s multibillion-dollar business was built by collecting all the information available to its users. Selfish Ledger is a video produced by Google that offers a stunningly ambitious and unsettling perception of how some people at the company envision to use that information in the future.

from https://ift.tt/2GKGGQQ

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Join the first Spy Week by Lifehacker!

The first Spy Week starts today @Lifehacker with a bunch of interesting stories about topics related to the spy world. During the next days we will have the opportunity to improve our knowledge on different fields as e.g. sharing sensitive information over the internet or taking photographs without being noticed by other people. Moreover Lifehacker will publish some interviews with experts who share some tips and answer to every related question from the readers. For example, now, Steven Santarpia from ICORP Investigation is online and interacting with lifehackers. This week, be sure not to miss any topics about spying (+ hacking + social engineering) and visit the dedicated section into the Lifehacker website! AddThis