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Enabling remote desktop on a VirtualBox Machine

To enable remote desktop on a VirtualBox machine, you have to follow these steps:
VBoxManage modifyvm MachineName -vrdp
This command enables rdp on the virtual machine
VBoxManage startvm MachineName -type vrdp

It starts virtual machine, listening for rdp request on port 3389 (default port)
rdesktop-vrdp localhost

Connects virtual machine with rdp (You can use rdesktop too).
If you want to change rdp port, use this command:
VBoxManage modifyvm MachineName -vrdpport

Also, enabling authentication for rdp is possible:
VBoxManage modifyvm MachineName -vrdpauthtype null | external | guest

VBoxManage is the command line interface of the VirtualBox.
You can make these settings with GUI: Settings -> Remote Display -> Enable VRDP Server
If you want to use your virtual machine with vrdp only, you can use this command simply:
VBoxHeadless -startvm MachineName

Note: RDP server is not included in Open Source Edition of the VirtualBox. If you want to use this feature, you have to use closed-source edition. AddThis mp3 link

XAMPP: how to easy install an Apache server with MySQL, PHP and Perl.

XAMPP LogoToday, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have added a brief review about XAMPP: an Apache distribution which allows you to configure and add all the necessary software on your server with just few clicks. Installation is very easy and well supported and a portable version of XAMPP can be installed also on a USB key. XAMPP, available in four different version (Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and Solaris), allows you to easily install MySQL, PHP and PERL on your server. Last month more than 535,000 people decided to download and use this free software which represents one of the most interesting solution in the market at the moment. Moreover, the XAMPP has a very simple and efficient user interface and with just few days of practise you will really be able to create and serve your website. Something to try! AddThis mp3 link