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How to install a new Linux distribution -Linux4One- on your Netbook Acer Aspire One

Today, on our Linux Page (in Spanish), we have posted an enthusiastic review about Linux4One a very stable new Linux distribution which represents a real opportunity if you want to test a new OS on Your Acer Aspire One. Linux4One website is essential but well structured; unfortunately it does not contains many information so the best thing yo do is downloading their specially developed Ubuntu based Linux4One and test it. This particular distribution, with a customized Kernel, perfectly runs on our Aspire One: we did not find any problem with the hardware and smoothly passed all the tests. Last but not least, the Italian guys are developing a Linux4One special edition which should be mounted directly from a Usb key, we hpe it will be ready ASAP. Something you must try if you like Ubuntu and want it on your Aspire One! AddThis mp3 link

XAMPP: how to easy install an Apache server with MySQL, PHP and Perl.

XAMPP LogoToday, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have added a brief review about XAMPP: an Apache distribution which allows you to configure and add all the necessary software on your server with just few clicks. Installation is very easy and well supported and a portable version of XAMPP can be installed also on a USB key. XAMPP, available in four different version (Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and Solaris), allows you to easily install MySQL, PHP and PERL on your server. Last month more than 535,000 people decided to download and use this free software which represents one of the most interesting solution in the market at the moment. Moreover, the XAMPP has a very simple and efficient user interface and with just few days of practise you will really be able to create and serve your website. Something to try! AddThis mp3 link