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“Unemployee of the year” a worldwide contest for young people by Unhate

Usually I try to don’t promote commercial brands on my blog. Just sometimes I break this rule when I think the technology or the benefits could worth people attention. Today is one of that rare cases. Since few days, Unhate (a foundation directly related to Benetton) has created a special contest reserved to all people around the world. To participate you must be between 18 and 30 years old and you must not have a job yet. The best 100 projects will be funded with € 5.000,00 each. If you want to send your project or if you just want more information you have to visit the Unhate website. AddThis

Something to know before the release of Firefox 3.5: how to disable the geo-locating feature.

This week in our Freeware Page we we have written a quick post about disabling geo-locating feature in the upcoming Firefox 3.5. I have always been an enthusiastic supporter of Firefox because I think it is so flexible that I can find any add-on I need for any purpose. I am also sure that the new Firefox 3.5 will be the perfect tool for my everyday navigation but there is something I am a little bit annoyed. In fact, the Firefox 3.5 will contain a default feature (which can be triggered remotely by a website you are visiting) declaring your geo-location everytime you connect to a site. This feature (previously known as project Geode by Mozilla Labs) could be useful for people involved in social networking but it is a potential wasting time feature for all the others. In fact, you have to declare if you want to automatically display your geo-location each time a website triggers this feature. For this reason, if you are not a social network addict, my personal advice is to disable this geo-locating feature as soon as you install (or update to) Firefox 3.5… (it continues in the Freeware Page). AddThis mp3 link