Autopackage: how to easily install software in Linux

This week we posted an interesting review on Autopackage, perhaps the best program to install software in Linux. Autopackage is easy, fast and compatible with all the Linux versions. We think you all (not only the Linux beginners) will really appreciate this freeware. Please, let us know! We added also a short post about “Punto Informatico“, an Italian free newspaper which dedicates a huge section about freeware (and, of course, it is also possible to download all the freeware it talks about!!). See you next week!

3 thoughts on “Autopackage: how to easily install software in Linux

  1. jimmyd

    I used autopackage to install XaraExtreme on Kubuntu Breezy and all went well with that package. But everything I installed after the initial installation, with autopackage or synaptic would not make Kmenu entries. I had to chase them down and open with a terminal. I am now using Kubuntu Edgy 6.10 and am now reluctant to try autopackage again for that reason.



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