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A new feature from our blog!

CB FlakesThis post is unusual because today we have not written a review about Linux or freeware but we are launching a new feature in our Blogroll: CB Flakes which is just our personalized page of Pageflakes (a web 2.0 web aggregator). In CB Flakes we selected few interesting (we hope) RSS/Atom feeds about Linux, freeware, e-commerce, technology and science (in general). Moreover we added some widgets we think could be useful for everyone (World Time Clock, Google Map, Universal Blog Search, Flickr, Wikipedia, YouTube, Aruna Send, Document to PDF, Sudoku and Comics). Last but not least we inserted a message board widget you can use to suggest us new RSS/Atoms to add in our pageflakes. Try and enjoy our pagecast! AddThis mp3 link

How to step into Linux and get KBFX graphics.

Step into LinuxToday in the Linux page you can read two different new posts. The first is about a good website full of information and suggestion to step into Linux. The site, with an essential and “easy to read” graphics, is multilingual: English, Spanish and French. In the second post Frank explain how to change the Linux themes using KBFX. Using KBFX you can personalize your K-menu button and it’s menu. Moreover, KBFX is not based on the XP StartMenu but on a hierarchical structure or (you can choose) on the new, flat indexed menu.

New Linux page!

Thank you all for your comments.
A special “thank you” to Francesco who is now sharing this blog experience with me.
As you noticed, we decided to open a new linux page (in Spanish) posted by Frank (Francesco) and we moved his comments (about linux LIVE CDs and new linux mobile-PDA software) in the linux page.
I hope that you will appreciate this new page and the related posts.
Again thank you to you all!