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Ajax 13: the new online multiplatform (Windows, Linux, MAC OS X) office suite for Firefox users!

AJAX13Today, in our Freeware Page, we posted some brief notes about a wonderful site we recently discovered: Ajax 13. This site offers to everyone (and without the free registration – if you prefer -) the possibility to create and save documents, spreadsheets, presentations, mind mapping docs and to listen to music using Ajax tunes. This new site, created in 2006, has big potentiality of fast growth because the services it offers are potentially more powerful and versatile than in “Google Docs & Spreadsheet“. Ajax 13 is a multiplatform web based platform written using the AJAX based methodology. We tried Ajax 13 features and we confess that in our tests we found some little minor problems but in the end we were able to save on our desktop all the files we created. We really think Ajax 13 is something to try!

Free SMS and Media Converter web services.

This week, in the Linux page, we have wrote new brief (but, as usual, effective) posts about two free online services. The first is about Free SMS, an online service which let us sending free (gratis) SMS in different European countries. The SMS will be shorter than usual due to advertising inserted in it but it is completely free of charge…

The second post is about a good online Media Converter which has often helped us to solve everyday problems with different media formats sent by colleagues and friend.

We hope you find these two posts useful and, please, if you don’t agree with what we wrote (or you use a better software-freeware) , don’t hesitate to leave a comment!