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AHTEC Lug N011 and Eeebuntu: a perfect sinergy!

This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish), we have posted a brief review about eeebuntu and the netbook Lug N011 produced by AHTEC. In fact after some different tests, Frank has really appreciated the results obtained by joining the netbook version of eeebuntu and the Lug N011 in terms of stability and hardware compatibility. Eeebuntu recognized immediately the lan card without the need of any specific drivers ad it was possible to utilize the wi-fi connection. Eeebuntu has been release in three different versions. The first one, the most famous is the Netbook we have used for our tests with the Lug N011, moreover the second version is the standard eeebuntu which contains all the software we are used to finding on the Ubuntu distribution. Last but not least, we tested also the Base version which contains just the basic software and features and, also in this case, we did not find relevant problems. Recommended especially for all the people using a AHTEC Lug N011! AddThis mp3 link

How to install the WI-FI Realtek RTL8187SE drivers on Ubuntu 8.10 – Intrepid Ibex

Today, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have added a brief post to install the Realtek RTL8187SE WI-FI card on Ubuntu 8.10. Surfing Internet we found different possible solutions and well done manuals to solve our problem but at the end we decided to select only the most effective. In particular we would like to focus your attention on the third discovered link http://boskastrona.ovh.org/download_en.html which contains the most effective solution we have tested. Useful! AddThis mp3 link