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Get Kindle for PC to Ubuntu (if you really don’t like Calibre)

Amazon’s Kindle a popular portable e-book reader device, lately made Kindle for PC application that allows you to download and have books on your computer rather than having a portable e-book reader device. There’s only Kindle Windows version but the nice thing is you can have this application in Linux.
This is tested in Ubuntu 9 running Gnome. You can use different version of Linux, but first you must have Wine HQ installed to you computer. Then download the EXE file of Kindle for PC application in Amazon.
Install this with Wine HQ software loader and proceed to the normal installation, the same thing that you do in Windows environment.

– At your first run you won’t see anything at all

– Configure Wine first and add Kindle for PC as an application and make it run in Windows 98 mode

– If it won’t work, change to other mode

– When it opens successfully you have to input you Amazon email add and password to register the software.

But, please, don’t forget that if you prefer open source software, you can directly use Calibre, a powerful free software we posted a while ago. AddThis