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Get Kindle for PC to Ubuntu (if you really don’t like Calibre)

Amazon’s Kindle a popular portable e-book reader device, lately made Kindle for PC application that allows you to download and have books on your computer rather than having a portable e-book reader device. There’s only Kindle Windows version but the nice thing is you can have this application in Linux.
This is tested in Ubuntu 9 running Gnome. You can use different version of Linux, but first you must have Wine HQ installed to you computer. Then download the EXE file of Kindle for PC application in Amazon.
Install this with Wine HQ software loader and proceed to the normal installation, the same thing that you do in Windows environment.

– At your first run you won’t see anything at all

– Configure Wine first and add Kindle for PC as an application and make it run in Windows 98 mode

– If it won’t work, change to other mode

– When it opens successfully you have to input you Amazon email add and password to register the software.

But, please, don’t forget that if you prefer open source software, you can directly use Calibre, a powerful free software we posted a while ago. AddThis

IEs4Linux: a wonderful solution to have Internet Explorer running in Linux!

IE and LinuxToday, in the Linux Page, Frank has posted a very interesting review about IEs4Linux. In fact sometimes we have to use IE in websites created only for IE. The post is very detailed and contains all the instruction to install IEs4Linux in Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Obviously, we personally prefer Firefox but IE is an essential feature to “surf” the web also when we use Linux.

IZArc: the best portable free software to manage all archives (zip, tar, etc..)

IZArcThis week we have tested IZArc in our freeware page. IZArc is a terrific freeware to manage many (perhaps I should say: “All”) different formats of archive. IZArc has a very clean interface and in few minutes (after few tests) you are able to use all its features. Using IZArc you can also have a quick look in ISO archives before burning them and directly scan them using your favourite anti-virus. I hope that IZArc developers would create a Linux version in the future because this freeware is really one of the most useful and tiny software I discovered in last months (now it is possible to use IZArc in Linux through Wine). In our Linux page we posted a review about LiveLook, a multiplatform (Linux, MAC OS X, Windows) on-line service to remote control your computers. Unfortunately this web based service will be free for just few more weeks but for the moment it works greatly. AddThis

Wine.. for Linux; free file converter and free file hosting services!

Hi everyone, we are sorry for our delay in writing new posts! This week in our Linux page (in Spanish) you can find some new posts. The first post is about Wine and the easiest way (we hope, let us know…) to install this program in Linux OS. The second post concerns, an useful web-page where you can easily convert your files (image, doc, music, video) to different formats (the use of a temporary email address is recommended if you believe it’s not sure to spread your personal email address). Last but not least, we have posted a brief review about Mediafire: a free file hosting site (practical and easy to use). See you next week! AddThis