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Do not spend money for professional hardware when you can create your hi-tech router with less than 50 bucks!!

This week, in our Freeware Page, we have posted a brief review about Tomato and DD-WRT two unofficial firmwares to upgrade your router into a professional machine which allows you to properly manage and strengthen your wi-fi signal. Surfing in Internet we found more manuals for DD-WRT than for Tomato. On one side it is possible to affirm that DD-WRT is more flexible for traditional home users than Tomato which has been developed for more professional users. On the other side when you read the “Supported hardware” of both the websites it is clear that DD-WRT is able to support many more devices than Tomato but we really were satisfied for all the test we made with both the firmwares on a old Linksys WRT 54G v.2. If your device supports both the firmwares we really suggest to spend a couple of days for testing them and decide what is the best for your needs. Recommended for all that people who do not like to waste money! AddThis mp3 link

Rockbox: how to improve the firmware on iPod, Sandisk, Archos and iRiver mp3 players!

RockboxRockbox is the best alternative you can find to many firmware of mp3 player currently on sale. for many models it can be installed without removing the original firmware and in this case you can decide at every boot up what firmware you prefer to use. This week, in our Freeware Page, we have posted a brief review about this open-source firmware which really adds new features to your mp3 player; for example, Rockbox allows you to play movies on a iPod Photo or adds games to your Sansa e200 or c200 series. The installation is not difficult but a minimal previous experience in this field is preferable: if something goes wrong, please, don’t panic but try to solve it following the many tips contained in the Rockbox website or reset your mp3 player. Last but not least, in the “Customizing Rockbox” section you will find a huge quantity of resources to customize your mp3 player. Recommended (and really funny)! AddThis mp3 link