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Lucidor: a good ebook reader for Ubuntu

This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a new ebook (in EPUB format) reader for Ubuntu: Lucidor. This software is not a simple ebook reader but it also allows you to search ebooks through an embedded search engine which is able to scan Google Books, epubcatalog.org, Lexcycle, Feedbook and – of course- your personal local library. Unfortunately, the Lucidor search engine does not support the Project Gutenberg that, we believe, at the moment, is the most interesting free project for ebooks. Lucidor is complex, well structured and flexible. To conclude we would also suggest another reader FBReader that has not any search engine but it manage very well the EPUB ebooks and offers very readable texts. Something to try! AddThis mp3 link

Ultamatix: the most powerful software to install new programs, themes and games on Ubuntu

This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have added a post about Ultamatix which has been developed to be a valid substitute for Automatix. Ultamatix can be downloaded (in a practical .deb package) from its website and, with just few clicks, installed on  your Ubuntu (now, also the jaunty 9.04 is fully supported). Ultamatix is very useful especially for the Linux beginners who have the possibility to add many programs, themes and icons in just with few clicks. We executed some different tests on Ubuntu 9.04 and the results were positive. Moreover, you can decide to uninstall the software directly from the Ultamatix menu at any time. This project is in continuous development and every new version contains new surprises. Anyway, even if we are not expert gamers but we were really satisfied from some titles we tested. Recommended! AddThis mp3 link

How to share notes and images using thepiratebay.org satellite websites: PasteBay and bayimg

Today, in our Freeware Page, we added a brief review about two, multiplatform free services offered by th piratebay.org. The first one is PasteBay which allows you to quickly create, save and protect (in a basic way) your own notes when browsing on internet. PasteBay is very intuitive, quick to use and effective. The only “trouble” could be the simple http connection (instead of https) and the password you choose that could be weak if you do not choose it in a proper way. The second online service offered by thepiratebay.org is bayimg which allows you to store images for your websites in 140 different formats. Each image could be uploaded till 100MB so it is possible to save online also high resolution images. We have spent five days testing the features offered by these two websites and we have really not found any problem or bug. Recommended! AddThis mp3 link

Open Source Living and Iconlet: two multiplatform open source “mines”!

Open Source LivingToday, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a brief review about two interesting websites: OpenSourceLiving.com and Iconlet.com. In particular, OpenSourceLiving contains a library of 130 multiplatform (Windows, Linux, OS X) open source software. The main menu is very intuitive and all the different sections are very simple to explore. Moreover you have the possibility to suggest open source projects which are not included in the website yet. On the otherIconlet hand, Iconlet is a search engine dedicated to icons released under the Gnu, Creative or Eclipse licenses. The “advanced search” option allows you to organize your search preselecting the image resolution, the graphic format and the license. This particular website also offers a useful plug-in for a Iconlet dedicated search field in Firefox. Last but not least, for each icon found, Iconlet provides full information about author, image resolution, graphics format and license type. AddThis mp3 link