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Online Free Image and Photo Resizer


Slide.ly is a free image and photo resizer that allows you to resize photos and images to best fit the standards for social media and Web.

It’s really usefull and easy to use.


Google Music con Aplicación también para Linux

Desde hace unos meses Google ya ofrece el servicio Musica por streaming y de poder tener hasta 20.000 canciones almacenada en ” las nubes “; todavía este servicio no está disponible en España y Europa pero es igualmente posible conseguir una invitación.

Ante de todo hay que tener una cuenta de Gmail o crearse una. Luego dirigirse a la pagina de proxy.org para elegir un proxy de USA. Después de elegir el proxy hay que pegar la dirección que permite pedir la invitación a nombre de vuestra cuenta de Gmail y ya esperar que llegue la invitación por parte de Google, yo ya recibí la invitación y ya tengo mi Google Music activado.

Es un servicio muy interesante y funciona muy muy bien, aparte de los Artistas y las Canciones que nos Ofrece Google de forma gratuitas también podemos administrar nuestra música, la que tengamos en nuestro PC y subirla a nuestro Google Music gracias a una Aplicación especifica para Linux ( .deb, rpm, 32/64 bit ), así que ya no hay que instalar la versión para Windows y lanzarla con Wine. También está disponible una Aplicación para Android para que podamos escuchar en Streaming y administrar nuestra música sin tener que llenar la memoria de nuestro Smartphone.

Me parece un excelente servicio por parte de Google, funciona muy bien y sin coste alguno. Os dejo unos enlaces para que podáis pedir la invitación (yo tengo 8 disponibles, si alguien quiere inviar su correo yo puedo enviarle una invitación) y también otros para poder bajar la Aplicación para Android.

Proxy.org: http://proxy.org/

URL Invitación: http://music.google.com/music/usernotinvited.

Aplicación para Android: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.google.android.music


How to share notes and images using thepiratebay.org satellite websites: PasteBay and bayimg

Today, in our Freeware Page, we added a brief review about two, multiplatform free services offered by th piratebay.org. The first one is PasteBay which allows you to quickly create, save and protect (in a basic way) your own notes when browsing on internet. PasteBay is very intuitive, quick to use and effective. The only “trouble” could be the simple http connection (instead of https) and the password you choose that could be weak if you do not choose it in a proper way. The second online service offered by thepiratebay.org is bayimg which allows you to store images for your websites in 140 different formats. Each image could be uploaded till 100MB so it is possible to save online also high resolution images. We have spent five days testing the features offered by these two websites and we have really not found any problem or bug. Recommended! AddThis mp3 link

How to install a new Linux distribution -Linux4One- on your Netbook Acer Aspire One

Today, on our Linux Page (in Spanish), we have posted an enthusiastic review about Linux4One a very stable new Linux distribution which represents a real opportunity if you want to test a new OS on Your Acer Aspire One. Linux4One website is essential but well structured; unfortunately it does not contains many information so the best thing yo do is downloading their specially developed Ubuntu based Linux4One and test it. This particular distribution, with a customized Kernel, perfectly runs on our Aspire One: we did not find any problem with the hardware and smoothly passed all the tests. Last but not least, the Italian guys are developing a Linux4One special edition which should be mounted directly from a Usb key, we hpe it will be ready ASAP. Something you must try if you like Ubuntu and want it on your Aspire One! AddThis mp3 link

FLAC: our favourite multiplatform (Linux, Windows, MAC OS X) Free Lossless Audio Codec!

FLACIt is true! MP3 format is the most common format we normally use in our everyday applications but MP3 is a lossy compression algorithm and it is not comparable with the quality of uncompressed audio formats as Monkey’s Audio, ALAC, WMA. This week, in our Freeware page, we posted a brief review about some particular features of FLAC: a multiplatform (Linux, Windows, MAC OS X) Free Lossless Audio Codec. Nowadays, FLAC is well and constantly supported by many music player producer. We compared FLAC and MP3 formats using the “Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major – Allegro” by Bach and the results were very interesting. For common listeners (as us) the audio quality was, more or less, the same but when we asked to a couple of friends (authentic music “hooligans”) to describe the difference between the two music files (FLAC and MP3) they spent more than 15 minutes of their (and our) time talking about “tones”, “pizzicato” and something else that I really do not remember at the moment! After the listening, when we compared the file extensions, we discovered that the FLAC file was five times bigger than the MP3 (25.6MB vs 5.1MB)… To conclude, we really think that FLAC represents a fantastic (and the best) lossless format for home stereo systems. On the other side, if you are not a music purist, MP3 could be the best choice for listening music on portable audio devices. AddThis mp3 link