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Easily backup your datas and save some energy: two interesting freeware for XP and Vista!

This week, in our Freeware Page, we posted a review about two interesting freeware for Windows: FBackup and edison. FBackup is a powerful software which allows you to easily manage and plan your backups. All the menus are very intuitive and it is possible to back up files also when they are in use. Fbackup is very well structured and allows you to decide when, what, how (zip files or exact copies) and when backup your datas. On the other hand, edison is a simple freeware, developed to helpXP and Vista users to save more energy. Edison contains some simple setups which allow you to determine the best energy “saving” configuration depending your needs. This program can not be considered “revolutionary” but certainly helps to organize our PC, in a more efficient way. To conclude, we really think that using this freeware, we could benefit of some budget savings (in theory it is even possible to calculate your saving when using the dedicated menu). Recommended! AddThis mp3 link