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BleachBit: a free, powerful software to increase your privacy on Ubuntu and Windows

Since the first release many thins has been changed on BleachBit. I perfectly remind its first version that I uninstalled because I didn’t feel comfortable with the possible disaster I could do on my Ubuntu computer. Now BleachBit is very different: more powerful and easy to use! This software can be used on Linux (in my test I used Ubuntu 10.04 LTS) and Windows. To install it on Ubuntu you have to use Synaptics ( System  —> Administration —> Synaptics) and search for bleachbit in the search bar. For the Windows installation please, download the .exe file and install it. After the installation on Ubuntu, open BleachBit going to Applications —> System Tools —> BleachBit. Now, you have a very understandable menu bar in the left side of your screen.  If you click on the main sub-menus you can automatically read some information about what every option will delete on tour PC. Moreover, if the delete options you choose are potentially dangerous, a pop up mini alert will inform you about the risks. We recommend to use the Preview option before bleaching your PS. In this way you can have a final picture of what you are doing and how many bytes are you deleting. On the preference menu you can decide to overwrite files to hide contents or to run BleachBit every time you start your computer. Last but not least, BleachBit supports many languages that you can select from Edit —> Preferences —> Languages. AddThis mp3 link