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Web2Web: Serverless Websites Powered by Torrents & Bitcoin by  via torrentfreak_logo


Courtesy of Torrentfreak.com

“…Running a fully functional website in a regular browser without any central servers being involved sounds complicated, but with Web2Web it isn’t. The project, powered by WebTorrent and bitcoin, allows anyone to create updatable websites that are as resilient as it gets…”


How to estimate the value of your blog or website: $timator

This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish), we posted a brief review about $timator: an easy to use website which allows you to better understand the value of your blog or other website. $timator is able to give you a good quaotation af yhe hipothetic value of a website calculating its ranking on search engines, social networks and volume of visitors. If your blog/website is a good one you will spend some minutes waiting $timator results but it could be a good tool for a first value test before buying a website. Recommended! AddThis mp3 link

How to build a website or blog using just free online tools. Part 1

Today, in our Freeware Page we posted the first part of a brief research we made to discover the free online services, now available, to create webpages and posts. In particular, in this Part 1 we tested http://disposablewebpage.com/ and http://posterous.com/. Disposablewebpage is a very particular website builder because each website you create, has a life of just 90 days. It could be useful for all that temporary projects you want to share with your friends for a brief period or to reach specific goals in a bigger plan. Disposablewebpage is very simple to use but the graphic results are very basic. On the other hand, disposablewebpage allows you to invite your friends or your colleagues in order to completely share the website and the project. In our point of view, Posterous is even more interesting because it is so simple to use that everyone can develop his/her own post. We tried posterous and we were able to create and update our new test post in not more than five minutes. You can post just using your email (gmail.com, yahoo.com,hotmail.com, or aol .com);  you have  to insert the title in the subject field and attach all the images you want directly on your email. Recommended! AddThis mp3 link