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Including a Ubuntu Machine into a Windows Domain

One of the great problems of interoperability between Linux and Windows has been the impossibility of Linux systems for joining a Microsoft Windows network. Subsequently, several standards to achieve this were developed over the years (see Samba), but they were far from offering normal user the chance to achieve this easily.
The infrastructure of many companies around the world, of all sizes, also relies on the use of a Windows domain. In all companies, one priority always stands out. That is to reduce information costs and expenses. Because of this, many of them have opted for the use of computers with Linux operating systems. But in many cases their integration into Active Directory environments was a problem.
Recently, a new tool was created to facilitate the full integration of a Linux system in an AD environment. And as far as today, it seems very promising. Thanks to likewise-Open5 (http://www.likewiseopen.org/), the difficulty of integration is almost null.

The following lines will illustrate the inclusion of Ubuntu in a Windows domain via likewise-Open5.


Likewise-Open5 Installation process is very simple. It can be done both through the graphical environment and command line. We will use the second variant. Therefore, a new terminal window must be open, in which you specify the following command:

sudo apt-get install likewise-open5

This command should resolve all the dependencies necessary to prepare the machine to be integrated in the Windows domain.

Adding a new machine

To actually add the machine, specify the following command in the terminal window:

sudo domainjoin-cli join domain used

Where DOMAIN is the area used for integrating the machine, and USER is the username that has the corresponding rights. You will be asked for your user password, and once successfully logged in, you are officially added the desired machine. AddThis Flattr this

New main domain added to Computer Borders by Galigio

Beginning today, this blog has a new main domain http://galigio.org (or, if you prefer http://www.galigio.org). You can reach us also typing http://computerborders.org (or http://www.computerborders.org). Nothing (we hope…) will change for you; we just wanted to have a more personalized url. Enjoy it! AddThis mp3 link

How to estimate the value of your blog or website: $timator

This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish), we posted a brief review about $timator: an easy to use website which allows you to better understand the value of your blog or other website. $timator is able to give you a good quaotation af yhe hipothetic value of a website calculating its ranking on search engines, social networks and volume of visitors. If your blog/website is a good one you will spend some minutes waiting $timator results but it could be a good tool for a first value test before buying a website. Recommended! AddThis mp3 link