Envy: a fast way to install ATI and NVIDIA drivers in Ubuntu

nvidia logoToday, in our Linux page, Frank posted a brief comment about Envy: a good Phyton program which can easily help new Linux users to install ATI and NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu. Before writing this post we tried ATI logoEnvy in our Ubuntu 6.10 and in less than 10 minutes we were able to use our new video card. In few words, for beginner Linux users like us, Envy is one of the most useful applications we can find.

4 thoughts on “Envy: a fast way to install ATI and NVIDIA drivers in Ubuntu

  1. SOTEC Productions

    Whatever you do decalog, if you get Envy installed that is, DO NOT use the ‘automatically install ati drivers’ option. It will crash X, and it will not work correctly. I am searching for the site I used to install the ati drivers that worked. It’s the only site I’ve found that actually works for 3D acceleration. A good thing to look for in a tutorial is the author telling you to NOT use the fglrx driver. fglrx is what messes your 3D acceleration up.

    My opinion: I’ll post the site when I find it. Read it line for line, all the way through BEFORE you do aNYTHING, because sometimes it will give you alternatives that you may not want to do, then skipping the alternatives, install the driver manually EXACTLy as the tutorial says.

    Good luck.


  2. SOTEC Productions

    Here it is.

    Good luck again.

    if you have Xchat (an irc client) the best place for help about this issue is #ubuntu-effects in the FreeNode server.

    If you need any help, email me at the provided address and i’ll respond as quickly as I can.



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