FLAC: our favourite multiplatform (Linux, Windows, MAC OS X) Free Lossless Audio Codec!

FLACIt is true! MP3 format is the most common format we normally use in our everyday applications but MP3 is a lossy compression algorithm and it is not comparable with the quality of uncompressed audio formats as Monkey’s Audio, ALAC, WMA. This week, in our Freeware page, we posted a brief review about some particular features of FLAC: a multiplatform (Linux, Windows, MAC OS X) Free Lossless Audio Codec. Nowadays, FLAC is well and constantly supported by many music player producer. We compared FLAC and MP3 formats using the “Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major – Allegro” by Bach and the results were very interesting. For common listeners (as us) the audio quality was, more or less, the same but when we asked to a couple of friends (authentic music “hooligans”) to describe the difference between the two music files (FLAC and MP3) they spent more than 15 minutes of their (and our) time talking about “tones”, “pizzicato” and something else that I really do not remember at the moment! After the listening, when we compared the file extensions, we discovered that the FLAC file was five times bigger than the MP3 (25.6MB vs 5.1MB)… To conclude, we really think that FLAC represents a fantastic (and the best) lossless format for home stereo systems. On the other side, if you are not a music purist, MP3 could be the best choice for listening music on portable audio devices. AddThis mp3 link

3 thoughts on “FLAC: our favourite multiplatform (Linux, Windows, MAC OS X) Free Lossless Audio Codec!

  1. John Bowling

    First, I like to use FLAC, but with most things computer users do with music is to rip CDs to some form of compressed file to play with their system. And CDs are all ready so damn lossy it makes no sense to use something as good or bulky as FLAC. Ogg (or the $ ripoff, MP3) can do just as well, nearly equaling the CD quality.

    MP3 would NEVER be the best choice! First, it’s proprietary and can’t be distributed with Linux distro unless someone has paid for the rights to do that. Major negative points! And being common doesn’t make it good in any way.

    Ogg is just as good as MP3 in EVERY way, compression, quality, etc. plus it is included FREE in every Linux distro that does any audio software. It’s only negative is that it is not supported by most hardware players.

    Did a Win only user write this article? It sure was NOT an experience Linux user! They would have known better.


  2. modmadmike

    I switched to flac when I got my pure 192khz card and in Linux (My only os) the audio gives me sort of an adrenaline rush, or a high with my high end headphones!



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