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Protect your Privacy: use a Self-destructing, single-use File Sharing Service


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If you need to share a confidential file to one of your colleague and you have not enough time to manually encrypt the file before uploading it to a you may consider to use

This online service let you to share a file through its online service encrypting it before it is uploaded to the servers. uses a 128-bit client-side AES encryption through a SSL protocol. This website automatically offers a 40 charaters long, randomly generated password that can be changed by user if he/she prefers to use its own passphrase.

Moreover keep the file reachable in a long, random URL to decrease that files could be discovered through a brute force search.

Last but not least, this website let you delete the uploaded file after a pre-defined amount of time or/and after a pre-defined number of views. The default configuration allows just one view and an automatic deleting after seven days but the views can be extended till 10 and the amount of days reduced to just 1 day.

Personally I normally prefer to encrypt files by myself before sharing them online but I will keep in mind in the case I need to share a file and I have not my laptop with me.

Sendoid: share your file through torrents

The first time I read about I was really interested about the services offered by this site. In fact, the possibility to share files with my friends regardless dimensions through a torrent protocol appeared to be very useful.

Unfortunately, in my personal experience the results are not so positive as promised by When you decide to try it, you can choose between the online version and the desktop widget built on the Adobe AIR technology. The widget installation is easy, graphically nice and simple to use. Furthermore, the online interface is very well structured in few clicks you are able to “build” the torrent url to share your file directly from you PC to other people through torrent protocols. For this reason, if you decide to use the online version, you are not allowed to close the webpage with the url because it is the “door” to keep the torrent working.

The first problem is that the data are not protected by https and you can only decide to add a password to your file. On the other hand, with just one click you can decide to share the file with more than a person.

The second, big, problem you have with Sendoid is the transfer speed because, in my tests, the service was not so competitive in terms of timing. A light 160MB ISO needed more than 20 minutes to complete its transfer from my computer to another located in a near city. Unfortunately I was not able to understand if this specific problem was related to the ISPs or to the sendoid service but I obtained the same results in different extra tests I decided to try with similar files.

To conclude I decided not to use sendoid and now I am looking for another program or website which could offer similar features. Please, if you have something to suggest, do not hesitate to add a comment! AddThis

Nicotine+ (for Linux and Windows) and Linux Mepis 6.5 in Spanish

Nicotine+This week, in our Linux Page, we posted two interesting reviews Mepis 6.5 Logoby Frank. In the first we analyze the new Mepis 6.5 in its Spanish version. The implements contained in this new version are impressive: Mepis 6.5 is well structured (the software included can help the users at work as in his-her home goals) and very powerful with its new hardware recognition function. For this reason, we think that in the near future Mepis will become one of the most used Linux between beginners. In the second post, Frank explains how to install Nicotine+ in different Ubuntu (Kubuntu) releases. Nicotine+ is actually considered as the natural heir of the -old- glorious Napster, it’s free and released for both Linux and Windows. Personally I continue to prefer Utorrent but I sincerely believe that Nicotine+ is one of best P2P clients available today, in few words: something to try! AddThis