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How to Install Sopcast for free live TV in Ubuntu

Sopcast represents one of the most popular technologies for live TV streaming, being based on the famous p2p system. However, until recently, there was no version of this software for Ubuntu and Linux in general. But now every single user can enjoy live TV right on their desktop or laptop computer with this absolutely amazing program.

In order to install Sopcast on your machine, here is what you need to do:

1. Open a new terminal. This is a classic step and is used in most of the installation processes you will encounter in Ubuntu.

2. In order to add Sopcast to Synaptic (the package administrator software integrated into Ubuntu) you will need to type the following command:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jason-scheunemann/ppa

3. The next step is related to the update of the sources list. This can be done with the following command, which needs to be typed into the same terminal in order to achieve the right effects:
sudo apt-get update

4. Now you will need to run Synaptic in order to finalize the process. This is usually done through the System menu (System -> Administration -> Synaptic). Alternatively, you can use the following simple command:
sudo synaptic

5.  Look for the Sopcast package and install it. A very important step at this point is to not forget about all its dependencies. If you do not install everything, then Sopcast will not run correctly or not at all.

This is basically all you need to know if you want to install Sopcast on your machine. Whenever you need to run the player you can find it in the Application menu -> Multimedia -> Sopcast. You will surely enjoy the great variety of the channels available for every user through this system.


Nicotine+ (for Linux and Windows) and Linux Mepis 6.5 in Spanish

Nicotine+This week, in our Linux Page, we posted two interesting reviews Mepis 6.5 Logoby Frank. In the first we analyze the new Mepis 6.5 in its Spanish version. The implements contained in this new version are impressive: Mepis 6.5 is well structured (the software included can help the users at work as in his-her home goals) and very powerful with its new hardware recognition function. For this reason, we think that in the near future Mepis will become one of the most used Linux between beginners. In the second post, Frank explains how to install Nicotine+ in different Ubuntu (Kubuntu) releases. Nicotine+ is actually considered as the natural heir of the -old- glorious Napster, it’s free and released for both Linux and Windows. Personally I continue to prefer Utorrent but I sincerely believe that Nicotine+ is one of best P2P clients available today, in few words: something to try! AddThis