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The Power of a Professional Customer Service – Klout knows how to manage it!

For a rare combination of events I decided to set up an Klout account on an device powered by Android exactly when Twitter experienced its servers problems. I till do not understand what exactly happened and what kind of mistake I made but, in less than 36 hours, my Klout score dropped down from 52 to 21.
A disaster that was mitigated by the fact that I am not actually running a company based on social media and my Klout attractiveness so I was not burning money every minute I was down-scored.
When I realized that I was in the middle of a big problem I tried to reconnect to my Klout account from other device but the situation didn’t change so I opted to send an email to Klout’s customer service to ask their help.
The person that answered to me was Melanie and I  am impressed by her professionalism. As I have always read in manuals but never directly experienced before my Klout problem, Melanie did everything that a perfect customer service should do:
1 – her behavior was always informal but very professional
2 – I always had the sensation that the person who was in charge to help me was really trying to solve my problem in a active way
3 – I always had the sensation that Melanie was a real person and that she was an expert
4 – she solved the problem

Image from misgl.com

She was so smart in the interaction with me that I had no possibility to panic in any moment. I knew that I was in trouble but Melanie managed the problem in a so incisive way that I never doubted to have my problem solved.
She involved me in what she was doing to solve the matter asking if I agreed (and if I authorized) with the changes she was making on my account’s settings and after a couple of days of exchanges emails, my Klout score was back at 52.
What I learned from this misadventure was the power of a professional Customer Service. I have a free account at Klout and the level of its Customer Service is so incisive that I will really consider to subscribe a paid account with them as soon as the account I have with one of its competitors will expire. 
Good Service makes the difference Chalk Illustration

Image from callcentr.co.uk