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After being wooed by Medium, some publishers are beginning to leave by


Last May, Medium made publishers an offer they couldn’t resist: Free hosting. Advertising dollars. More eyeballs. The opportunity to sell sponsorships and recruit members.

Facing stagnating readership and a tough market for digital ads, many publishers dropped their old sites and joined Medium’s growing network. Now, after a company-wide shift away from digital advertising, some of them are heading for the exits.


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Murdoch Seeks to Dent Google’s Ad Dominance After YouTube Revolt by

Rupert Murdoch is hoping that Google‘s pain might be his gain.

Murdoch’s News Corp. is introducing a service that it says can ensure online ads don’t appear next to fake news or offensive videos, marking the latest salvo in the billionaire media mogul’s long battle with the world’s biggest search engine.


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The Power of a Professional Customer Service – Klout knows how to manage it!

For a rare combination of events I decided to set up an Klout account on an device powered by Android exactly when Twitter experienced its servers problems. I till do not understand what exactly happened and what kind of mistake I made but, in less than 36 hours, my Klout score dropped down from 52 to 21.
A disaster that was mitigated by the fact that I am not actually running a company based on social media and my Klout attractiveness so I was not burning money every minute I was down-scored.
When I realized that I was in the middle of a big problem I tried to reconnect to my Klout account from other device but the situation didn’t change so I opted to send an email to Klout’s customer service to ask their help.
The person that answered to me was Melanie and I  am impressed by her professionalism. As I have always read in manuals but never directly experienced before my Klout problem, Melanie did everything that a perfect customer service should do:
1 – her behavior was always informal but very professional
2 – I always had the sensation that the person who was in charge to help me was really trying to solve my problem in a active way
3 – I always had the sensation that Melanie was a real person and that she was an expert
4 – she solved the problem

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She was so smart in the interaction with me that I had no possibility to panic in any moment. I knew that I was in trouble but Melanie managed the problem in a so incisive way that I never doubted to have my problem solved.
She involved me in what she was doing to solve the matter asking if I agreed (and if I authorized) with the changes she was making on my account’s settings and after a couple of days of exchanges emails, my Klout score was back at 52.
What I learned from this misadventure was the power of a professional Customer Service. I have a free account at Klout and the level of its Customer Service is so incisive that I will really consider to subscribe a paid account with them as soon as the account I have with one of its competitors will expire. 
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NimbleX: a customizable Linux (Slackware based) Live CD

NimbleXIn our Linux Page we have posted a brief review about NimbleX: a customizable Live CD based on Slackware. To build your own distro you have only to connect to NimbleX site and follow the simple instructions on the screen. The number of available programs is not huge but with a couple of tests you can built a very good personalized Live CD without knowing anything about programming (unfortunately, it is possible to create only one Live CD every day). You can also customize the background and the boot audio greeting using your favorite images and messages. NimbleX is so easy and fast to use that it’s a pleasure to use it. Recommended! AddThis

Hardinfo: simple, efficient hardware and system profiler for Linux.

Linux PageToday, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a brief but effective review about Hardinfo: the best system and OS profiler we have never found for Linux. Hardinfo is a very useful program specifically created to deeply scan your hardware and create reports in HTML or in plain text formats. We suggest to use this software before upgrading your pc or when you suspect something is wrong with your hardware. Moreover, Hardinfo let you to easily benchmark your pc performance with just a click. Last but not least, you can download the source code or, if you prefer the autopackage file (suggested) which will automatically install the program in your computer. AddThis