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How to manage podcast and RSS reader on Firefox!

This week, in our Linux Page (in Spanish), we posted some lines about editing and changing the feed/podcast reader on Firefox when you have previously chosen a specific program to automatically subscribe to podcasts. If you are using Firefox 3.5 on Linux, you can simply go to Edit -> Preferences and type Feed in the search bar. At this point you have a button menu with all the different options; we suggest to select the  Preview in Firefox one. If you have an older version of Firefox that does not allow you to follow the above path (or for some reason, by default, you prefer the most difficult way) you have to open a new Tab and type about:config in it. After a brief warning message you can type Feed in the location bar and find the browser.feeds.handler line. At this point it is necessary to change the value field to Ask and next time you will decide to subscribe a podcast you will free to choose your favourite program. We hope this few lines could be useful and easy to execute for you all! AddThis mp3 link

New main domain added to Computer Borders by Galigio

Beginning today, this blog has a new main domain http://galigio.org (or, if you prefer http://www.galigio.org). You can reach us also typing http://computerborders.org (or http://www.computerborders.org). Nothing (we hope…) will change for you; we just wanted to have a more personalized url. Enjoy it! AddThis mp3 link