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Crossing the Border? Here’s How to Safeguard Your Data From Searches by http://nyti.ms/2nnTaav

Travelers, beware: When you take your gadgets abroad, maintaining the security of the data on your devices is just as important as protecting yourself from muggers.

from http://nyti.ms/2nnTaav

Selected by Galigio via Computer Borders

Security by obscurity does not work with inquisitive minds. There are many things that should be changed and some that have. Though our bodies may not be free, our minds are – free to learn, explore, to resist. Hack the world!“, Anonymous Writer, 2600 Magazine, Autumn 2012

Google Chrome: how to neutralize the unique ID tracker and partially preserve your privacy

Today, in our Freeware Page we added a post about two useful freeware which are able to remove the ID tracker contained in this new browser. Using them you will able to defend your privacy a little more effectively your navigation when using Google applications. The first is Chrome Privacy Guard (CPG), a useful tool, whose icon you will click on to activate Google Chrome. When using CPG you have to remember not to run directly the Google Chrome icon. Moreover, this software contains also a command which allows you to disable the CPG option inside Google Chrome, so your browser will send again statistical data to Google. The second one is UnChrome, an Abelssoft creation which definitively remove the unique ID contained in Google Chrome. Last but not least, I want to focus your attention on the fact that these two freeware run only in Windows PCs but we hope that a MAC and Linux version will be released in the next months. Useful!! AddThis mp3 link