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Hardinfo: simple, efficient hardware and system profiler for Linux.

Linux PageToday, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we have posted a brief but effective review about Hardinfo: the best system and OS profiler we have never found for Linux. Hardinfo is a very useful program specifically created to deeply scan your hardware and create reports in HTML or in plain text formats. We suggest to use this software before upgrading your pc or when you suspect something is wrong with your hardware. Moreover, Hardinfo let you to easily benchmark your pc performance with just a click. Last but not least, you can download the source code or, if you prefer the autopackage file (suggested) which will automatically install the program in your computer. AddThis

Gnome Sensors Applet (GSA): a -must have- applet for your hardware security in Gnome OS!

Gnome Sensors AppletToday, in our Linux Page (in Spanish) we strongly suggest a very useful applet for every Gnome OS: GSA. The Gnome Sensors Applet let you constantly check the hardware sensors, including CPU temperature, fan speeds and voltage. GSA is very easy to install and manage; its intuitive graphical interface allow you to decide what alarms you prefer to display in case of emergency. GSA is recommended for all the Linux users who constantly push the limits of their pc. AddThis