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The Feed Is Dying by Casey Johnston via nymag.com/selectall

The feed is dying. The reverse-chronological social media feed — the way you’ve read Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs (which is to say, the internet) at various points over the last decade, updates organized according to the time they were posted, refreshed at the top of the screen — no longer really makes sense. The unfiltered informational cascade that defined the internet of the 2010s is going the way of the front-page-style web portal: It’s an outdated way of processing online information. The way we consume social media is being transformed and tinkered with as Silicon Valley tries to wring as much engagement, attention, and money out of it as possible. The feed is dying, and we feel shocked by its death — but we shouldn’t.”….

The Feed Is Dying by Casey Johnston via nymag.com/selectall

Strategic market analysis through Twitter – Know your competitors’ strategy and fight them!

Your competitors are on Twitter and they are very active. Good to know but is their strategy really effective? Difficult to know because normally you have not enough time to constantly monitor more than a couple of them. A good market analysis strategy is to read their posts in a certain period of time but Twitter doesn’t keep this easy because you have to spend hours to expand their tweets before have a good view of what information your competitors wrote. Moreover, Twitter allows you to view only the last 3,200 tweets. For this reason I normally use Twitter XL. This online free service allows you to catch and save the last 3,200 tweets just inserting the Twitter name and click on Get Tweets. After a bunch of seconds (or, more often, some minutes) you will have a complete list including the last 3,200 tweets  (retweets included) and you can export them in a CSV format. This file can be imported in a spreadsheet (e.g. OpenOffice) and clearly visualized. If you really know what you are looking for, you have a terrific picture about timing, source, contents and trends of the competitor you are monitoring. Not only you can discover when and about what your competitor is more active but you will also know if he/she is using some particular online service to tweet. This data mining tool is recommended for business or just for fun if you are a meddler. AddThis mp3 link

Since yesterday we are on Twitter!

As some of you have already noticed, yesterday we decided to add a twitter option to this blog. Please, feel free to enjoy it! AddThis mp3 link

“Remember the milk”: the best on-line Task Manager for Calendar, Gmail, Iphone…

Remember the MilkThis week in our Freeware Page we have posted some short instructions about installing “Remember the milk” in Google Calendar. It is important to say that “Remember the Milk” can also be installed on Gmail, Iphone/Ipod Touch, Twitter and there is also a “Milk Sync” version for Windows Mobile. In my opinion, the best feature is represented by the integrated to-do list for Google Calendar. Anyway, “Remember the Milk”, is easy to manage and very simple to use and share with your team. Moreover, this particular task manager contains many interesting and useful features; just for example you can add an active link to a web-page directly in your to-do note. If you prefer, you can also organize your tasks in a -tag cloud- style. Last but not least, it is possible to receive reminders via email, SMS, and instant messenger (AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo! are supported). As you can imagine, “Remember the Milk” portability is very wide and it has 100% passed all our tests; in few words: we have not found any bugs! Recommended! AddThis mp3 link