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The – solved – mystery of the disappeared Yahoo Notepad

Disappeared Yahoo NotepadThe 2012 is ending and Yahoo has recently decided to update its services. I don’t actually like Yahoo new graphics and the GUI but this is really marginal.

The real problem with this Yahoo services upgrade is represented by many users who were not able to find the Notepad service previously offered into the Yahoo email.

The worst thing is that some of them had saved “confidential” information into the notes. I prefer not to say much about this point but…, please,… 2013 is coming and none can till think to “save” unencrypted confidential information in an online services like Yahoo Notepad…

To solve the mystery of disappeared Yahoo Notepad you can stop searching into the email menus and go directly to http://notepad.mail.yahoo.com where, using the same old (sic…) Yahoo mail password, you will be able to rescue all the notesa you previously have saved there.

Happy New Year!  AddThis

A brief but useful video about using yahoo.com (and others) through WebMail on Thunderbird 3.1 (Windows version)


How to read yahoo.com (and many others) email accounts on Thunderbird 3.1 (Ubuntu and Windows tips)

Many on line email providers don’t allow you to use their accounts with POP email clients such as Thunderbird 3.1. To solve this “matter” we have a couple of possible solutions: FreePOPs and WebMail. Today, we  will discuss about Webmail that we  tested on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Windows XP. WebMail is substantially a  Thunderbird’s add-ons but it is not  featured by Mozilla. Using this add-on you are able to manage Yahoo, Hotmail, mail.com, GMail, Libero, and AOL email accounts. The installation is similar in Ubuntu and Windows;  on both, you have to install the core WebMail add-on and restart Thunderbird then you can add all the other components (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc..) you prefer. Then you have to modify the Thunderbird server settings following the instructions provided by WebMail:

Server Type : POP
Incoming Server: localhost
UserName : username@domain

Server Name: localhost
UserName : username@domain

Do not forget to set the Connection Security to None.

Only on Ubuntu, you need also to manually modify the incoming and outgoing ports because when you use Thunderbird through WebMail on Ubuntu, you will have a “could not connect to server local host; the connection was refused” message.  This problem can be easily solved substituting the default ports on both WebMail add-on and Thunderbird ports:

– Thunderbird —> Edit —> Account Settings. Highlight the account you want to manage and go to Server Settings. There you can modify the POP Server Mail port setting it to a number bigger than 1000 (in my case I put 1250). Then go to Outgoing Servers and Edit the SMTP account you want to modify (I changed the default port to 1025).

– Thunderbird —> Tools —> Add-ons —> WebMail —> Preferences and put the same port numbers you have set on the previous step.

All this because ports below 1024 seems to be blocked on Ubuntu (if you know why, please post a comment).

For security, restart Thunderbird and it will immediately download and send your emails. Last but not least, if your on line email account is not supported by WebMail, do not forget to try FreePOPs. AddThis mp3 link

“Remember the milk”: the best on-line Task Manager for Calendar, Gmail, Iphone…

Remember the MilkThis week in our Freeware Page we have posted some short instructions about installing “Remember the milk” in Google Calendar. It is important to say that “Remember the Milk” can also be installed on Gmail, Iphone/Ipod Touch, Twitter and there is also a “Milk Sync” version for Windows Mobile. In my opinion, the best feature is represented by the integrated to-do list for Google Calendar. Anyway, “Remember the Milk”, is easy to manage and very simple to use and share with your team. Moreover, this particular task manager contains many interesting and useful features; just for example you can add an active link to a web-page directly in your to-do note. If you prefer, you can also organize your tasks in a -tag cloud- style. Last but not least, it is possible to receive reminders via email, SMS, and instant messenger (AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype and Yahoo! are supported). As you can imagine, “Remember the Milk” portability is very wide and it has 100% passed all our tests; in few words: we have not found any bugs! Recommended! AddThis mp3 link