What the Rise of Virtual Reality Means for Marketers by Alexa Matiavia via convinceandconvert.com

….Despite the costs, publishers and advertisers are already buying in. The New York Times has a VR Editor, CNN has streamed political debates in VR, and USA Today Network has produced over 40 pieces of VR content since 2014.

The rise in platforms supporting 360-degree video has also upped the appeal for virtual reality. YouTube’s 360-degree video channel launched just over a year ago and has over one million subscribers. Facebook supports 360 video now, as well.

So even though it’s expensive to start, you can’t ignore the fact that there are big-time companies investing in VR who have the power to shape where technology and the media are heading.

Alexa Matia – @AlexaNMatia – is the Junior Content Writer at eZanga.com. A native of Central Pennsylvania, she graduated from Shippensburg University with a BA in English and loves to write about all things digital, including social media, PPC, display, and pay per call advertising.

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