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How Brands Are Turning Into Algorithms by


In a recent AdExchanger Talks podcast, Nate Woodman of IponWeb surfaced the specter of what we might call the brand-gorithm: a proprietary algorithm unique to a brand and used to make decisions such as how much to bid on an impression or what message to serve.


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WeChat WORLD #1 ‘Super-App’, Future of Social

HUI, a boisterous four-year-old living in Shanghai, is what marketing people call a digital native. Over a year ago, she started communicating with her parents using WeChat. She is too young to carry around a mobile phone. Instead she uses a Mon Mon, an internet-connected device that…


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…Like most professionals on the mainland, her mother uses WeChat rather than e-mail to conduct much of her business. The app offers everything from free video calls and instant group chats to news updates and easy sharing of large multimedia files…


Courtesy of Global News and Tech in Asia

…Most importantly, over half of WeChat users have been persuaded to link their bank cards. That is a notable achievement given that China’s is a distrustful society and the internet is a free-for-all of cybercrime, malware and scams. Yet using its trusted brand, and putting to work robust identity and password authentication, Tencent was able to win over the public. In contrast, Western products such as Snapchat and WhatsApp have yet to persuade consumers to entrust them with their financial details…


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Millennials Look to the Suburbs, Not Cities, for First Homes by 


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What the Rise of Virtual Reality Means for Marketers by Alexa Matiavia via

….Despite the costs, publishers and advertisers are already buying in. The New York Times has a VR Editor, CNN has streamed political debates in VR, and USA Today Network has produced over 40 pieces of VR content since 2014.

The rise in platforms supporting 360-degree video has also upped the appeal for virtual reality. YouTube’s 360-degree video channel launched just over a year ago and has over one million subscribers. Facebook supports 360 video now, as well.

So even though it’s expensive to start, you can’t ignore the fact that there are big-time companies investing in VR who have the power to shape where technology and the media are heading.

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Google, Facebook dominate online advertising – 85% of global online ad dollars, per Morgan Stanley